Entrepreneurs see the world a little differently.  As an entrepreneur himself, Craig Scheef shares his perspective, with unique insights on the importance of free enterprise to businesses creation and growth.

Here you can find a collection of his thoughts on topics near and dear to Texas Security Bank and its mission: Elevating the Champions of Free Enterprise.

About Craig Scheef

Texas Security Bank is committed to Elevating the Champions of Free Enterprise and to a large extent, every entrepreneur’s success is tied to their ability to Lead, so I am obliged to share some of my thoughts about Leadership that I have discovered over the 30 years I have worked with business owners.


What constitutes a solid hiring process? What is the proper capitalization for a given enterprise? These aren’t questions most business owners ask a banker, but these questions and others like them drive Craig Scheef, CEO of Texas Security Bank.

“Did you have a good day?”  This may seem like small talk, but it could be a life altering question. After all, good days turn into good weeks and good weeks turn into good months, etc. An equally important question is “Do you know what a good day looks like?” What is your definition of a “good day?” Think about it - can we honestly have a “good day” if we don’t know what one looks like? Not likely.  Steven Covey says, “Every good idea is created at least twice, first in the mind and then in practice.” Through design, a lot of good ideas are bo...


Watch Craig Scheef in the studio with Bob Gibbons and Steven Neuner.

This past May marked the ninth anniversary of Texas Security Bank.  To say it went by in the “blink of an eye” is an understatement. Our teams’ journey has been amazing and rich.  Often, I am asked “How did you come up with the idea to start a bank?”  A difficult question to answer succinctly.   The short answer is – I am not sure it was my idea, because the “idea” was as much a process as the execution itself. This is my attempt at an explanation.  When I was in my late 30’s and still searching for my “real” purpose in life, a business mentor ...

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