You need more than capital.
You need a champion.

There’s a difference in the commercial lending philosophy at Texas Security Bank. We don’t offer "off the shelf" lending products with lending decisions that are made far away. Instead, we customize each loan relationship to fit the needs of each owner-managed business. We work hard to first understand your business’ unique dynamics, challenges and opportunities, then our key decision makers work with you to design the best products to help your business grow and succeed. These products include:

Lines of Credit

Lines of Credit free up working capital by re-deploying the funds tied up in receivables and inventory back into the business to fund operations, make payroll, buy additional inventory and speed up your business cash cycle.

Equipment Loans

Equipment Loans help you expand capacity or add new efficiency to ongoing operations. We work to match the loan payments with the cash flow generated by the purchased equipment so your overall cash flow is maximized and improved by the addition of the equipment.

Business Real Estate Loans

Business Real Estate Loans help businesses own, rather than lease, their buildings. Whether its warehouse, office or retail space, we can help you expand capacity, add operating flexibility and build real estate equity, rather than just pay monthly rent to a landlord.

Business Acquisition Loans

Business Acquisition Loans can facilitate further business expansion into new markets, product lines or help with consolidating market share. We’ve helped many experienced operators acquire and establish new businesses.

SBA Loans

As a Small Business Administration (SBA) Preferred Lender, we offer a variety of tools that are advantageous to businesses that otherwise would have difficulty qualifying for bank loans. SBA Loans help businesses where there may be a collateral shortfall, undercapitalization or insufficient earnings history to otherwise qualify for loans. These can be working capital loans and lines of credit, equipment/term loans, real estate loans and construction loans. Our expertise and experience with these products keep the process moving.