The Power Behind Payroll

Business owners have a lot on their plate. That’s why more and more companies are relying on PEO solutions companies and payroll providers to take care of their payroll functions for them. We help fuel the operations of PEO providers and payroll companies by ensuring they have the support and services they need to serve their customers. 

Features for your expertise

  • Extended ACH processing times until 9:00 p.m. CST for dual control processing clients
  • Direct access to wire and ACH processing teams
  • Robust online treasury management portal with multilevel access and controls, custom reporting, ACH and wire modules with enhanced security features, electronic deposit, positive pay, and account reconciliation
  • Easy account transition with dedicated transition teams, E-Sign technology and on-site system training

Why Choose TSB to Bank your Payroll Service Provider company?

Our PEO and payroll provider banking specialists make it easier to run your business so you can help your clients run theirs. We give you direct access to a designated Banking Officer and knowledgeable support staff you can call whenever you need help or have questions about how to use our banking services to optimize your operations. 

In addition, we’re able to reduce or eliminate many of the service charges you’re used to paying via a market-leading earning credit rate and market-leading interest rates, helping you cut costs that can drag on transaction-intensive businesses like yours. Our low-fee, high-touch service is backed by the exemplary treasury management services and powerful banking technology you need to meet your demanding requirements.