Speed is Everything in Treasury Management for Title Companies

Title companies are a deadline-driven business. If you have to wait on hold with your bank or can’t get a wire sent on time, it can mean the difference between a deal going through and everyone going home empty-handed. That’s why we offer treasury management services to title companies that go above and beyond other business banks. 

With Texas Security Bank Treasury Management services, cash management tools are always at your fingertips. From payables and disbursements to collections and electronic deposits, whatever you need to manage and predict cash flow is available wherever you are.

Features for your expertise

  • Extended processing times with direct access to wire and ACH processing teams
  • Direct access to your designated Banking Officer and their knowledgeable support staff 
  • Robust online treasury management portal with multilevel access and controls, custom reporting, ACH and wire modules with enhanced security features, electronic deposit, positive pay, and account reconciliation

Title Company Banking Services

Our title company banking specialists make it easier to serve your clients and grow your business. We take the time to build personal relationships with you and your staff so that when it comes down to crunch time, you’ll know exactly who to call, and we’ll know exactly how to help. 

Our personalized customer service is backed by exemplary treasury management services and technology that can be customized to fit your unique goals and operational needs. In addition, we’re able to reduce or eliminate many of the service charges you get with other banks via a market-leading earnings credit rate and market-leading interest rates, helping you grow your bottom line. 

Treasury management services for Title Companies provide several unique benefits. One of the biggest benefits is time efficiency. By implementing our Title Company Banking services, you can streamline the payment process and reduce the time spent on payment authorization and initiation. With access to various tools and resources through our online treasury management portal such as effective ACH and Wire modules with enhanced security, custom reporting, electronic deposit, positive pay and account reconciliation, your Title company can immediately take better control of the movement and visibility of cash for your organization. Having more control over these processes also takes some of the guesswork out of financial planning which reduces the likelihood of costly errors. Having extended processing times and designated support staff take these benefits to the next level.