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The purpose of this Statement of Values is to establish the principles and values around which Texas Security Bank builds and operates the organization. As personnel filter their decision making through this set of values, the desired culture is developed.

Integrity and Honesty

We recognize the importance of our reputation – both individually and as an organization. Therefore, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards at all times. Integrity is the extent to which we act according to all the values, beliefs and principles we claim to hold. Integrity represents our ability to be honest with ourselves in this regard. Can you walk the talk?

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We value people who seek to learn and improve. We encourage people to invest in their development and take ownership of their careers. This is the person we want on our team.

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Team Players

We value selflessness and a willingness to consider the bank's and other peoples' interest. We value team members who build a spirit of cooperation – appropriately balanced with independent thinking. In an organization, there are a few things more powerful than the unity of its members.

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Independent Thinking

We value opinions. If a team member feels strongly about a decision or process, we encourage and expect them to speak up. The best decisions and ideas are often born out of healthy, respectful conflict.

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Exemplary Customer Service

Our profitability and growth depend on attracting core deposits. The bank's ability to attract core deposits is in direct correlation to its ability to outperform competitors – particularly in the area of customer service. Exemplary customer service is not only meeting the customer's needs, but also understanding and anticipating them. Don't let "good enough" be good enough.

photo representing the concept of good customer service


We value having fun! Winning consistently is hard work – but winning consistently is fun. Adding new business and new customers is how we keep score. Our shareholders expect and are entitled to a fair return on their investment. In addition, profits provide the capital we need to grow.

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Problem Solving

We value people who think. Excellent problem solving skills are valued by customers and prospective customers. These skills also enhance the bank's effectiveness and efficiency.

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We value creativity of the team. We believe nobody is smarter than everybody. Collaboration will build the best strategies and processes and enhance team buy-in. This value is critical to the bank's efforts of continual improvement.

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Discipline to Process

We believe consistent, predictable, repeatable success is a product of building processes and ensuring the process is executed. At the same time, processes should be continually evaluated for appropriateness and improvement.

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Banks protect capital through thorough evaluation and due-diligence. Banks win and retain customers through preparedness and attention to detail.

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