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All the training you need to build the foundation of a successful banking career.

At Texas Security Bank, we seek to optimize your training experience to make you successful in your career and ready to take on future opportunities. You will have the opportunity to help people achieve the American dream of owning a home. Texas Security Bank offers a comprehensive Residential Mortgage Professional Training Program which provides extensive knowledge to become a successful mortgage professional. Our training series covers multiple essential topics and is completed while working in the role.


Training Topic


Introduction to Bank Compliance

This training encompasses an in-depth discovery of the many rules and regulations that govern banking. It covers topics such as the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, the Bank Secrecy and Anti-Money Laundering Act, Fair Lending regulations, Financial Credit Reporting Act, Community Reinvestment Act, Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Robbery and Bank Security and Sexual and Workplace Harassment. It also covers the Flood Disaster Protection Act, Bank Bribery Act, Bank Protection Act, the Office of Foreign Asset Control, Active Aggressor for Employees, Appraisals: FIRREA and Interagency Guidelines and Information Security and Red Flags. As you can see, banking is a well-regulated industry and knowing how to stay in compliance is a very important part of the knowledge necessary to be a successful banker.

Mortgage Lending Origination

We take a ground up approach to teach all the jobs performed to originate a mortgage loan. Over a 12-to-18-month period, you will be trained to process, underwrite, close and fund loans. One on one training is conducted by department Senior Vice Presidents and detailed webinar training is also provided for every aspect of conventional underwriting including analyzing income, assets, and collateral. Webinar courses include Effective Application Interviewing and Review, Best Practices in Loan Processing, Underwriting Self-Employed Borrowers, and Calculating and Analyzing Assets. Training also focuses on how to use the loan origination software and each process used to take a loan from application to funding.

Mortgage Lending Pricing and Negotiation

Once you have mastered the basics of mortgage lending, we will assist you in obtaining your NMLS ID so that you may begin working directly with potential borrowers.
Mortgage Loan Professionals will have the opportunity to learn how to price and negotiate loans with potential borrowers. The ability to negotiate effectively is an important skill for all business professionals, especially for the mortgage professional allowing you to develop skills to close deals. You will obtain the knowledge necessary to analyze the borrower’s needs and offer competitive products and pricing.

Mortgage Lending Certification

Training Program participants will obtain the ABA Residential Mortgage Certification. This includes courses over a 12-month period. These courses include a thorough review of banking, credit analysis, and legal principles that support the mortgage process, underscoring relationship sales skills in addition to the mechanics of the mortgage loan. The certificate is designed for aspiring mortgage lenders and those individuals new to the mortgage area of the bank. These courses include Banking Basics, Appraisal Procedures, Mitigating Potential Fraud, Mortgage Processing Basics, Preparing the Closing Disclosure and Loan Estimate, Personal Tax Return Analysis and Reviewing the Appraisal Report.


In addition to the training outlined above, our Residential Mortgage Professionals are provided a high level of exposure to our top executives and on-the-job training opportunities. Periodic Lunch and Learn training sessions are scheduled using a formal curriculum on topics related to running a business, as well as individual book studies.

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