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All the training you need to build the foundation of a successful banking career.

At Texas Security Bank, we seek to optimize your training experience to make you successful in your career and ready to take on future opportunities. Texas Security Bank offers a comprehensive Loan Administration Training Program which provides extensive knowledge to become a successful loan administration specialist. Our training series covers multiple essential topics and is completed while working in the role. 


Training Topic


Introduction to Bank Compliance

This training encompasses an in-depth discovery of the many rules and regulations that govern banking. It covers topics such as the Bank Secrecy and Anti-Money Laundering Act, Fair Lending regulations, Financial Credit Reporting Act, Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Robbery and Bank Security and Sexual and Workplace Harassment. It also covers the Flood Disaster Protection Act, Bank Bribery Act, Bank Protection Act, the Office of Foreign Asset Control, Active Aggressor for Employees, ECOA and Regulation B Overview, E-Sign Compliance, Fraud Recognition and Prevention, Military Lending Act, Mortgage Servicing: Force-Place Insurance, Reg Z Overview, Servicemembers Civil Relief Act and Information Security and Red Flags. As you can see, banking is a well-regulated industry and knowing how to stay in compliance is a very important part of the knowledge necessary to be a successful banker. 

Loan Systems Training

Learning how to use the systems necessary to complete loan closing and administration is key to the successful growth in your loan administration banking career. Training begins with training on the Fiserv Precision System. Learning Management Training modules will provide training on learning how to onboard loans, perform various loan maintenances, update Revolving Line of Credits based on borrowing base calculations, perform rate changes, fixed and adjustable-rate loans, create collateral records and maintenance collateral records, reverse and reapply loan payments, maintain guidance lines of credit and other maintenance related tasks. One-on one training is providing in every step of the process from loan documentation review, onboarding, loan servicing Quality Control to scanning and file retention.

Extensive training on Laser Pro loan documentation platform is also provided. This will include in-depth one-on-one training with a loan documentation specialist within the department. Various Learning Management System Training modules are available to learn how to prepare loan closing documents based on the collateral and how to document preparation new loans, renewals and change in terms agreement.

The bank utilizes Learning Management Training Modules that provide training for every task performed within Loan Administration which includes performing various searches ,ordering appraisals, and EDR reports using different platforms, also training available on how to maintain the bank’s UCC portfolio, perform UCC Searches, file UCCs and Business Entity Monitoring within the Wolters Kluwer database and training on how to maintain the Bank’s Insurance monitoring portfolio within the AFR Insurance Elite Tracking Platform.

Introduction to Loan Documentation

The Loan Documentation training manual created by Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP customized for Texas Law, is the manual TSB uses for training and it provides a thorough account of the documentation used in today’s complex lending transactions.

The Loan Administration group provides extensive Learning Management training modules created to further develop the trainee to learn the documentation requirements based on the collateral, the training modules are based on the loan documentation manual created by Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP. Training is inclusive of C & I Lending, which includes Accounts, Chattel Paper, Instruments, Inventory, Equipment, Leasehold Improvements, Furniture, Fixtures, Deposit Accounts, Securities, Investments, Titled Collateral, Life Insurance, Promissory Notes, Instruments and Letter of Credit Rights.

In addition, Learning Management training modules are available that provide training to employees to help develop an understanding of the documentation requirements based on the type of Entity, training includes Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, and Corporations, Basic Real Estate Loan Documentation Requirements including Construction Lending, SBA loan documentation requirements based on the SBA SOP which include Business Acquisitions, Debt Refinances, Equity Injection Requirements , and additional segments that train on the bank’s loan policies and regulatory compliance requirements.

In addition to the training outlined above, our Loan Administration specialists are provided a high-level exposure to our banking relationship managers and top executives through on-the-job training opportunities.

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