LinkedIn Riche$ - How to use LinkedIn for Business, Sales and Marketing!

By: John Nemo

LinkedIn Riche$ by John Nemo provides a great overview of LinkedIn, its business-to-business networking capabilities, and how to establish 1-on-1 relationships easily and effectively with nearly anyone. Nemo starts off the book by describing how business leaders should re-write their LinkedIn profile to attract new clients. Many business leaders set up their LinkedIn profile to mirror their business resume. Nemo provides simple guidance on professional images, smiling, your professional title and much more to draw in new clients. Nemo focuses on how to make your profile stand out from the crowd and create a client-facing profile. 

In the next chapter, Nemo discusses the merits of creating niche markets and being very focused in your target market. He describes ways to handle multiple target markets while keeping the focus narrow. According to Nemo, a focused profile will yield much higher results that an overly broad profile.

Nemo spends considerable time on how to use LinkedIn to find prospective clients. He is a huge supporter of Sales Navigator and leveraging LinkedIn’s search capabilities. He discusses ways to create unique and memorable messages that allow you to connect with prospective clients. He discusses how to create content on LinkedIn that establishes your credibility and attracts your ideal prospects. 

Lastly, I highly recommend reading this book if you would like to increase your LinkedIn visibility and generate increased traffic. Nemo provides many links to free tutorials, videos, other books, and content to help the reader improve their LinkedIn profile. I have many pages marked to follow up as I continue to improve my LinkedIn Profile and turn LinkedIn into a sales generation tool.