Positive Pay Combats Fraud and Protects Your Business

Positive Pay is an automated cash-management service employed to combat fraud, reduce risk and limit liability. Positive Pay matches the checks a company issues with those presented for payment as well as incoming ACH debit transactions.


Check Positive Pay

To protect against forged, altered, and counterfeit checks, the service matches the payee, check number, dollar amount, and account number of each check presented against a list provided by the company. The company can upload the list via our online digital banking system and/or they can input them manually.  When the uploaded or input check information does not match the actual check(s) being presented, the bank provides the customer with a list of exception items to review, approve, and/or decline. All of which is done conveniently within our online digital banking system.


Reverse Positive Pay

Reverse Positive Pay works exactly like check positive pay except the client does not upload or input any check information. With Reverse Positive Pay “ALL” checks will be presented to the client to review, approve, and/or decline.


ACH Positive Pay

With ACH Positive Pay, there is no list to upload. The system allows a client to review incoming ach debits and approve or decline accordingly. To increase efficiency, clients can set automated rules within the system for specific approved ach transactions. Rules can be set up by company id and/or amount.


ACH Blocking

With ACH blocking, clients can block “ALL” ach transactions from processing against their account. Note: with ACH Blocking clients will NOT be presented with exception items to decision. Transactions will be automatically blocked and returned to the originator.


Businesses Share Liability for Check Fraud

Since 2016, the liability for check fraud has shifted away from the bank to the check issuer. Under UCC Section 4-406 and 3-406 as well as the banks electronic funds transfer agreements, If clients fail to use appropriate diligence, use ordinary care or reject the use of “commercially reasonable security procedures” such as Positive Pay, they can become liable for unauthorized check and ach transactions. Texas Security Bank provides a robust Positive Pay system to help limit and/or eliminate this liability.


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