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At Texas Security Bank, we're an example of free enterprise at its best. We built our bank. So we understand the needs of business owners and have designed our services around them. Meet some of the entrepreneurs we're helping to succeed.

“Texas Security Bank is true to their mission of developing Champions of Free Enterprise!”

Donald Addington, Owner, Air Performance Service of Central Texas

I started as an Operations Manager for APS in 2012 with the task of moving to Austin and developing a Central Texas branch. Six years passed and I had the option to purchase the company and we had grown from 2 to 40 employees with revenues at $8MM. Unfortunately, I was having a hard time getting financing from local banks. I spent a lot of time with three big name banks and each one started the process out the same way… Your financials look great, we think we can make this work, then…. the loan committee would decline the loan stating the debt service ratio was just shy of meeting the requirements needed.

Texas Security Bank and specifically Commercial Banker, James Harrod was different. TSB looked at all the same information the other banks looked at, however they were able to step outside of the typical SBA 7A loan process and offer additional loan products and strategies, allowing me to purchase my business in 2019. I could not be more thankful for the structure put in place up front and the continued support TSB has provided. I could go on about the direct support from my banker and a relationship that I now consider to be a friendship. However, the resources that TSB provides to all their small business customers, and the knowledge I gained through their Executive Education program (TSB Academy) I feel are the most impactful. They strategically worked to develop a loan package that allowed me to achieve my dream of business ownership.

Photo of Donald Addington

“It means so much to me to have a personal banking relationship with educated answers and support."

Carlyn Ray, President, Carlyn Ray Designs

Carlyn Ray, a glass artist, takes the elements of earth, air, fire and water and transforms them into stunning works of glass for residential and commercial installation. Her passion and inspiration is fueled by her creative energy. But she’s learned much about creating and growing a business at Texas Security Bank, both through the Business Institute (now the TSB Business Speaker Series) and the personal guidance from her bank officer who helps provide educated answers and support. An artist’s work is never done, and neither is ours to better serve business owners.

Photo of Carlyn Ray in her design studio

“They care more about me than a nationwide bank -- and really value my business.”

Carla Luig, Chief Executive Officer, First Choice Transport

Carla Luig is an entrepreneur who keeps on trucking. After her military service, she decided to go into transportation. She worked for two retailers and a trucking company, and then struck out on her own. First Choice Transport carried its first load on September 11, 2001. Despite the ominous start date, her company grew. Today she has 190 trailers and 75 trucks. But not stopping there, she started a luxury spa that evolved into an event venue in addition to being a trucking magnate. When a Texas Security Bank officer drove an hour to meet with her, she knew ours was a different kind of bank.

Photo of Carla Luig and semi truck

“Money is available for any good business. A partner, however, is invaluable.”

Cory Roberts, M.D., President, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, ProPath

Dr. Cory Roberts wanted to be a doctor since he was a kid. After medical school, he became fascinated with pathology. In 2000, he was recruited to ProPath, a physician-owned pathology practice that provides diagnostic testing, information and services to patients and physicians. He became president in 2011 and CEO in 2017. In the last 10 years, the company has seen tremendous growth and doubled its revenue. After coming to Texas Security Bank for a home mortgage, Dr. Roberts saw our value as a strategic business partner. He liked how we think outside of the box to develop solutions that make sense for both sides.

Photo of Cory Robert, M.D.

“You don’t realize what having a bank who’s a team member can be – until you have one.”

Ed Christmas, Founder, Managing Principal, Sology Solutions

Ed Christmas has always been in public safety technology. But in 2008, when cameras were changing from analog to digital technology, he seized the moment to build a business around networked security systems and video surveillance. Sales have taken off, with schools, cities and other organizations focusing on the need to capture real-time data. Ed attributes his success to being nimble and flexible in a changing market, capitalizing on the opportunities at hand and having the vision to partner with the right companies. It was important, he says, “to get the right team in place, and that includes our employees and partners like Texas Security Bank.”

Photo of Ed Christmas at conference table

“Many relationships start as a banking relationship, but often our clients become really good friends.”

Kevin Taylor, Vice President, Commercial Loan Officer, Texas Security Bank

“We live in the same community, we share the same values, and I feel like I have a partner, not just a commoditized banking relationship. When you bank with Texas Security Bank, you work with entrepreneurs who are putting their own skin in the game. It matters to them to see you succeed. If you are looking for a long-term relationship with a bank that doesn’t just try to sell you products, then bank with TSB.”

- Michael Schneider, Chief Executive Officer, A-1 Locksmith & Safes

Photo of Michael Schneider and Kevin Taylor shaking hands

“Texas Security Bank gets it. It’s an entrepreneur’s bank.”

Cary Albert, President, Albert Enterprises

A born entrepreneur, Cary Albert started his first business at age 26. In 1995, he bought into a Schlotzsky’s franchise. When a private equity group bought the franchisor in 2007, it offered enormous growth opportunity in spite of the recession. Last week, Cary opened his 16th Schlotzsky’s. Today he has the largest average unit volume in the nation and the largest Schlotzsky’s franchise in the world. From a capital perspective, Cary had worked only with large banks because of their competitive rates. That is, until he met Craig Scheef. Now he’s a loyal Texas Security Bank customer, getting better terms, better rates, and far better service.

Photo of Cary Albert in his restaurant

“I walked into the bank at 3:00 on a Friday afternoon. By 4:00, I had a mortgage loan approval!”

Chandra Lee Payne, ASID

Chandra Lee Payne needed a mortgage to relieve her of the high costs of leasing. Her circumstances were complicated, though, because she was self-employed with an interior design business. Another lender had pre-approved her weeks earlier, but two hours before her contract deadline, the loan had not been fully approved. A friend recommended she contact Texas Security Bank, and there she met Senior Vice President of Mortgage Lending Libby Smith. One hour later her loan was approved. And 10 days later she closed on her new home.

Photo of Shandra Lee Payne in her home

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