There are many approaches to Strategic Planning. Many different models can be effective. The one truth that applies universally is that the approach you use needs to fit your business. With that said, the approach supplied in this white paper has worked in many small-to-medium-sized businesses and provides the foundation to build a successful strategic plan. You are encouraged to use it as a framework and customize it for your business as appropriate. A key tenet of successful strategic business planning is practicality. If it does not guide your business decisions, get used throughout the year, and drive better results, it is just a “feel-good, check-the-box” activity. And who has the time or energy for that?

Results Driven Strategic Planning will answer the following five questions about your business:

1. Why you do what you do?

2. What are you going to accomplish?

3. How are you going to accomplish your vision?

4. Who will I serve and who will I work with to achieve the vision?

5. When will we accomplish the key milestones?