Product Development

Innovation requires investment. Q2’s product philosophy is “Ask. Understand. Deliver.” They do the work, build the partnerships, and ask the questions. Q2 also reinvest 20% of our annual revenue on R&D and have an industry-unique in-house usability testing facility that ensures they are delivering the best experiences possible. Put simply, everything they do is in response to our needs and more importantly the needs of our customers.


Before Q2 came along, no one had conceived of a single platform banking solution. There were different systems and management consoles for online, voice, and mobile, but Q2 brought everything together into a single core integration. The result is a more-secure, less-cluttered, and highly extensible back office—as well as exceptional, seamless experiences for you our account holders.


Q2 has raised the bar on security with an intelligent, multi-layered, scalable, end-to-end suite of native solutions. From pioneering data analytics and machine learning to prevent fraud before it happens, to building a disaster-proof active-active hosting infrastructure and adopting groundbreaking blockchain data security. The threat landscape never stops evolving so Q2 never stops looking for ways to keep our account holders and their assets secure.


“Good” data is the key to a successful digital platform. After breaking new ground with the use of analytics in their security solutions, Q2’s data scientists kept going—finding more ways to put your data to work. They developed an intelligent messaging and analytics platform that helps our customers better understand and retrieve account information. your account holders—delivering insights in real time to help you provide relevant services to the right account holders at the right times. If data is the new oil, we’re building the rigs to help you turn it into real value.